"The American Red Cross is proud to recognize Lourdes for their commitment to collecting lifesaving blood donations during the pandemic. So far, they have helped gather 165 blood donations since March 2020. The Red Cross could not carry out its mission without the help of generous community members like Lourdes!"
American Red Cross
“We just finished our first College Family Weekend for our eldest child, now young adult son. When we arrived on campus, one of our questions was, “how are classes going?” Our son immediately answered, “mom, I am amazed how awesome Lourdes prepared me for college!” I wasn’t surprised, because as a Lourdes alumni, I knew how well Lourdes prepared me for college too.

Lourdes provides the education, morals, and decision-making tools that ready the students for a prosperous, grounded, responsible, Christ-centered life. Our family has loved and chosen Lourdes for generations.”
Scalia/Kovalovich family
“Throughout the decades, I have experienced Our Lady of Lourdes from many different perspectives. I am a graduate from the class of 1990. Lourdes prepared me to go on to college and enter into a rewarding career. I am also a parent to a Senior in the High School, who has already been accepted to the college of his choice to continue his athletic and academic career. A mother to two Elementary Students, that look forward to learning each and every day.

I also have the privilege of Supervising several Cooperative Education Students. Lourdes is providing them with the opportunity to explore a career and enter the working world while still attending High School. My family and I are blessed to be part of the Lourdes Family!”
Dina Sandri
“My children are the 4th generation of my family to be enrolled in catholic education in the Coal Region. My husband and I are grateful to have Lourdes as an education option for our sons; they have thrived educationally and spiritually.

We have no doubt that they are on track to meet or exceed education standards, and we are proud that Lourdes is shaping their character and strengthening their faith.”
Tiffany & David Kaseman
“Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School has been a true blessing for our family. We appreciate the faculty and staff and their dedication to providing the best education and learning environment to the students.

It truly feels like we are a part of a family. We are grateful that our area has the opportunity to have a school like Lourdes.”
Sabrina Beck
“Our Lady of Lourdes School has become family to us. We have 3 children enrolled and they are thriving and growing daily. I am continually impressed by how well the teachers know the students, Even the faculty in grades above our children know them and this creates a very supportive climate.

The character development among the teachers and administrators are loving and supportive and they are always willing to help. We love OLOL and are excited to see what the future holds for our family.”
Kristy Renn
“I couldn’t have asked for a better school to send my girls to. They’ve learned so much over the few years they have attended. Kyleigh started reading in first grade and Kieran is already reading in Kindergarten! Learning about religion was a major reason I decided to send them to Lourdes.

These children at Lourdes learn respect, manners, socialization skills and so much more. I am very appreciative and thankful to the staff at Lourdes. They go above and beyond for the kids and the parents! I am very thankful to have Lourdes in our community!”
Laurie Krebs
“I am a member of the Class of 1961. It is amazing how long ago I walked those halls. I will be forever grateful for the education I received there! Hopefully more students will be proud graduates in the future.”
Carol Rollman Glackin '61
“What I tell people, because as soon as I tell them my kids go to Lourdes, they always say how can you afford that? I tell them the staff works hard to make it affordable. It's worth it. It's like being in a family, everyone looks out for each other. Because of the smaller size classes you really get to know them. It's so worth it.”
Tanya Nagy
“My husband and I enrolled our daughter into the Lourdes Pre-K program this school year. In her short time enrolled, she has learned an immense amount of new skills that she never would have learned this early in life otherwise. The social, emotional, and spiritual skills she is learning through Lourdes is invaluable.

We feel confident she will go to Kindergarten next year much more prepared than if she wouldn't have been enrolled in Pre-K. Her teachers are amazing, and we feel good as parents sending her to a loving environment every day.”
Kaitlin M. Rosselli, MBA
“My son transferred to Lourdes in the middle of his 10th grade year, the transfer was needed for his own academic, mental, emotional, and religious well-being. He has excelled at Lourdes, I see him smiling, happy, thriving academically and closer to God.

I truly love religion in school, it is so important in so many aspects in life and to make you a better person. I say to people Lourdes saved my son.”
Kim Holohan
“My late Husband, J. Edward Ludes (Ned) was, and I am a longtime supporter of OLOL Regional School. I realize the benefits of a Catholic education and hope OLOL will be continuing to offer a spiritual education for many years to come. Lourdes has given our family an appreciation for a Catholic education.

We have seven of our eight successful grandchildren complete 12 years of Catholic school, four from Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, IND., and three from OLOL Regional School, and one currently attending OLOL. I truly believe a Catholic education helps students become productive, active, and caring members in the communities they live.”
Lori Ludes

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