Student Body

The 442 students currently enrolled in grades PreK through 12 come to Lourdes from seven supporting parishes in eight surrounding school districts.


Our Lady of Lourdes Regional High School has developed a comprehensive curriculum of academic and non-academic programs. Course offerings are designed to meet the needs of students on all levels. A minimum of 26 credits accumulated throughout four years of study is required for graduation. A student must, therefore, pass all subjects totaling no fewer than 26 credits. Credits are acquired from the following:


The electives can be selected from the following areas: Accounting, Art, Computer Applications, Foreign Languages, Homemaking, and Music.

Levels of Study

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional High School offers two levels of study, distinguished by the comprehension and depth of subject matter exploration. These levels are both designed to lead to higher study. These tracks or levels are Academic and Honors. Honors courses are offered to students in English, foreign languages, mathematics, science, and advanced computer applications. The Fine Arts/Music Department activities include individual lessons, chorus, and liturgical singers. The Art Program offers instruction in various media such as drawing, watercolors, oil painting, sculpture, graphic design, and art history. The Computer Program offers introductory and advanced courses using Office 2007 and Windows XP Operating System on IBM desktop computers.

Values-based Education

Lourdes is dedicated to developing promising young adults. This means that, in addition to providing a stimulating intellectual and physical environment, Lourdes places great emphasis on the students’ spiritual and moral growth. Liturgies, devotions, and opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation are scheduled on a regular basis. Classroom discussions in Religion focus on contemporary moral and social issues. We believe our graduates gain a more complete understanding of themselves and their world and are awakened to the contributions they can make as a result of a values-based education.

Faculty & Staff

As teachers, in all disciplines, our faculty seek to be exemplary models of faith. Among our current faculty, many hold master’s degrees and more than half have been teaching for more than ten years. They bring a wealth of experience to a strong academic program while conveying Christian values and a strong sense of community.

Academic Performance

The academic, college-preparatory program at Lourdes is designed to meet all the entrance requirements of colleges and universities.

Lourdes meets the requirements of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Diocese of Harrisburg.

Lourdes graduates have attended Harvard, MIT, Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, and competitive colleges and universities. Some of our graduates have gone on to West Point, Annapolis, the Air Force Academy, and other military academies.

Information as of July 1, 2021 indicates that 88% of the Class of 2021 enrolled in higher education. Of the 88%, 76% have matriculated to four-year programs and 12% have matriculated to two-year programs or vocational opportunities. Less than 1% of the class pursued military service. Less than 1% pursued full time employment.

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