Integrated College Experience

Our Program

24 Credit Rotation

Each semester a class is offered before the start of the school day. Students can begin taking classes as early as their Freshman* year.

Concurrent Coursework

Students can earn college credit for OLOL classes taken during the school day. Currently, all Honors History classes can be taken for High School credit and 3 college credits each. Other classes will continue to be reviewed for this opportunity, as well.

High School Diploma & Associate's Degree

Highly motivated ICE students have a pathway to complete an Associate’s Degree simultaneously with their High School diploma. Students can take full advantage of the ICE program and continue some LCCC coursework on their own time. These students will be primed to graduate with an Associate‚Äôs degree at the time of their High School Graduation.

Key Features


Built into the flow of your high school experience. Earn credits throughout your time at OLOL while you continue to enjoy all facets of your high school experience.


Students and families will have access to individualized advisement from the ICE Coordinator, OLOL School Counselor and LCCC.

Equity and Access

Classes are low cost and held at OLOL and in our local community, allowing more students to take advantage of this opportunity.

ICE Details


OLOL High School Students: Freshman* through Seniors
*Freshman and Sophomores require the recommendation of the school counselor


Classes to earn college credit.
Credits are accepted at most Universities nationwide.


Lourdes & LCCC Shamokin Campus
  • No need to travel a great distance.
  • Fewer concerns about traveling in bad weather.
  • Most classes with same-aged peers.


  • During the school year
  • Before school
  • During school
  • On your own time

Why ICE?

Pursue Academic Excellence

Challenge yourself and show prospective colleges and employers that you are committed to growing and learning.

Save Money

Earn low-cost credits that transfer to most colleges.

Get Ahead after High School

Whether its a 4 yr college, technical school, trade or workforce – you will be ahead of the game in your next steps.

SCHOLARSHIPS for Everyone!!!

Every student who applies to LCCC and enrolls in a class will receive a scholarship. Some scholarships will cover the entire cost of tuition.

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