The generous support of donors is at the heart of Lourdes ability to create an engaging educational experience where students learn to thrive and reach their full potential in and out of the classroom. Your gift gives Lourdes the financial ability to continue to attract the best teachers and deliver exceptional experiences in academics, spiritual life, athletics and the arts. We sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting Lourdes. Your support is a blessing that helps us continue to make a difference in the lives of the incredible students we serve every day.

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Our Lady of Lourdes is excited to share some information with you that is sure to change how you view paying your state and federal taxes each year. You have to pay these taxes regardless, so why not have a say in how your taxes are allocated? The EITC and OSTC programs provide tax breaks to businesses, while the SPE program provides a tax break to individuals. The money you redirect to Lourdes is used for educational purposes, specifically tuition assistance.

EITC & OSTC Giving Options

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School is an approved organization able to accept gifts through both the OSTC (Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit) and EITC (Educational Incentive Tax Credit) programs. Corporate donors who designate gifts within these programs can earn up to 90% in tax credits for the total amount of their donations. 

Gifts provided under these vital programs are directly applied to providing tuition assistance and financial aid to Lourdes students and their families, helping to make a Lourdes education accessible to more of our community’s amazing youth and young adults.

EITC/OSTC Participation Fast Facts:

If you are interested in supporting Lourdes through a designated EITC or OSTC donation, get in touch with Jacqueline Kerris, Development Director, by calling (570) 644-0375 ext. 010 or emailing

Individual & Business SPE Donations

A Special Purpose Entity (SPE) allows Pennsylvania individuals and businesses to redirect 100% of their PA state income tax to Our Lady of Lourdes and receive a 90% tax credit when they file their PA income tax return.

SPE gifts are applied directly to tuition assistance, so your generosity helps make possible a Lourdes education to students in our community who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the SPE program reach out to Jacqueline Kerris, Development Director, by calling (570) 644-0375 ext. 010 or emailing

Get the Lourdes SPE Guide

Download the Lourdes SPE Tax Credit Program brochure for additional information on program qualification and application guidelines:

Memorials & Honors

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School Memorials are tributes to those whose love and memories are treasured. Relatives, friends, associates, and special occasions (such as a birthday or an anniversary) can also be memorialized or honored through gifts to the Lourdes Memorial Fund.

As Catholics, we believe in life after death and that we will spend eternal life with Jesus Christ and our departed loved ones. We miss those who have died and have passed into eternal life. Our memories of our loved ones are precious and we seek ways to celebrate their lives and what they represented. A memorial in their name is a fitting tribute.

We are particularly grateful when at the death of a loved one, the newspaper obituary designates memorial contributions to Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School in lieu of flowers. Over the years this has been a great blessing. The spiritual rewards of remembrances are multiplied many times through the accomplishments of the faculty, staff, and students of Lourdes Regional School, creating an enduring legacy of good works in memory of, or in honor of loved ones.

Our Annual Memorial Mass is an occasion to honor members of our Lourdes Family who have gone to their eternal rest. Names are added to the wall each year when contributions in memory of or in honor of, a particular person total $500.00 or more. We welcome our special benefactors to our Memorial Mass in the spring where engraved name plates are presented and blessed. They will be placed on the memorial wall outside St. Bernadette Chapel at a later date.

Through gifts to Lourdes Regional School, families and friends are creating a perpetual remembrance of loved ones as they elect to share in our ministry of Catholic education. We thank you for your support.

Memorial Cards are available in the Main Office

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